[Offer] The Best Affiliate Partnership in the Gaming Industry

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    Dear Friends,

    I have been a Blackhatworld member for quite a while now and I would like to thank the community for providing me with so many terrific ideas and ways on how to monetize in the world of internet. Further, you have helped me understand numerous features of affiliate marketing and consequently I managed to get the job as an Affiliate Manager at a well-established online company with a strong funding behind. As a fresh master graduate, I thus skipped several years of work on some "graduate positions" and sky-rocketed directly to managerial world. Great, isn't it :p?!

    But most importantly, I am now in a position that grants me the ability to offer something back to the community. I am therefore extremely happy that I can offer a best partnership deal (verified) in the industry of gaming to a few of you. The deal consists of both, attractive CPA feature and a substantial life-time share in the net profit on each of your referrals (ranging from 25-50%). Moreover, if you own a top-end gaming site with a crazy traffic, we are the only ones in the industry offering a white label site which can be adjusted to suite your needs, accordingly.

    What am I looking for? Clearly, you need to have a channel (Website, FB group, YT channel, etc.) with a high traffic somehow connected to the world of gaming. With the introduction of consoles the online gaming has received the world-wide feature and therefore from where the majority of your traffic comes from is not that important anymore, as long as it is genuine (you will need to provide a proof that you own the channel which you plan to monetize with our offer).

    I don't want to be too long, thus I will stop right here. Let me just say that the site in question is rather new and the earning possibilities are immense (as it is not yet saturated). If you think you can provide what it takes to be substantial enough for our requirements and if you are interested in making some extra bucks on your channel?s traffic and keep your users happy at the same time please contact me via pm at first with what you can offer and we will take it from there. In worst case, you end up with a good contact in the gaming industry, which can be worth something too, right? ;)

    Thanks once again and I hope to hear from some of you soon.

    Best Regards,


    p.s.: As I am extremely busy at the moment I might not respond to all of you (or the response will take time) if I think you don?t satisfy the criteria. Please don?t feel bad about it.