Offer taobao shopping and shipping service for Singapore friends

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    To Singapore Friends
    Are you in trouble with the international shipping from China taobao website to your home?
    Are you going to buy some commidity from taobao web? But you don?t have taobao account and Alipay account(zhifubao),or Credit card.
    It should be not the problem which stop you shopping from taobao website, I can offer you taobao account and Alipay account to you.or offer payment service to you for taobao shopping.just charge 3% payment service
    1. f you have taobao account and Alipay accout,you just get customer code from us, and put our address to your taobao delivery address.
    收货地址(receive parcels address )
    ADD:广州市白云区黄石东路江夏七社停车场D8档 Post code: 510420
    ATTN:邹先生(customer code转你的名字收) for example: SG001转Lily收)
    Mob: 13710435617 Tel: 020-26271079
    2. When you finish shopping, you just send back the courier no list, will send one document for your list ,and let me know the total packages,when I got the all the parcels,or any questions, will feed back you.
    3. after receive all the parcels,finish packing, and let you know the actual weight and volume weight.and total freight charge.
    4.For the payment: 1) pay to our China bank account by western union or by "汉生","长诚汇款?and so on ,or pay by Alipay(zhifubao)2) Pay for our Singapore account, ,charge SGD10 for bank commission, and 1SGD=4.93RMB5. Arragent the shipping The following is our best price to Singapore by courier service
    by courier (door to door) about 3 days arrive
    the first 0.5kg: 60RMB, the second 0.5kg: 13RMB
    above 11kg,the price is RMB26/kg
    above 21kg:23RMB/KG above 46kg: 21RMB/KG
    above 71kg:20RMB/KG above: 100kg: 18RMB/KG
    above 300kg, 16RMB/KG
    Plesae note that the count of volume weight way is:L*W*H/6000 (by cm), will compare the actual weight,which one is more ,will charge which one. as like, if the box size is: 50*60*50cm/6000=25kg, the actual weight is: 20KG, will charge as 25KG, if same size, the actual weight is:30KG, will charge 30KG,
    There are not 7%GST for the goods , if the cost of goods are not more then SGD400.we can do it down.
    2. By Ship( sea service) (about 8 to 10days)
    each CBM: 550RMB (SGD 115), ( purchase from like taobao website, more then 7 parcels from the sellers, charge as : 700RMB/CBM)
    1.if the goods is not enough 1CBM(cubic meter),charge the price as 1CBM price (at least RMB550) , if the goods is more then 1CBM,charge as actual CBM, like the goods is 1.3CBM,charge 1.3CBM*550RMB=715RMB sea,that is the door to door service, just not including the 7%GST,
    3.we will offer all the export and import permit document for you, just you offer the packing list and invoice,send by sea door to door service,all the goods should be send to our appointed warehouse, if need pick up service, please contact us.
    If any questions, please directly contact us for more information, we will offer our best service for you .
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    Guangzhou Hurricane express co.,ltd
    MOB: 0086-13710435617
    Wechat: chriszou888
    WhatsApp: 8613710435617
    ADD: D8,Park Jiangxia,Huangshi East Road,Baiyun district,Guangzhou,China

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