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    I know that people can prove that emails are sent and received by looking at the headers or by seeing that they went through a mail exchange or something like that.(bear with me, I'm not an expert, I am just trying to use words that I think apply).

    Is there anyway to prove an Outlook (Office 365 desktop) mail was sent. If I copy an email from the sent folder would that show that I sent it?
    Or do I need access to the server to show my email went through it.

    I am benchmarking the work activity response times of a contractor who works for me but is paid by someone else. I would like to have some proof that I am sending the emails with work he needs to follow up on but he is just not doing anything with them. I like this guy, but he isn't getting the work done. He is either lazy, or stupid, or he does not have the resources (time + energy) to respond. I think it is the last and I also think he is in over his head. I don't care if he is in over his head, I can help with that, but if he cannot respond because of time he has to go. Or they need to pay for more hours so he can work more. Or something.

    I have already gently mentioned my concerns on two seperate occassions over the past 6 weeks, but I would like to have some verifiable evidence to support my claims of slowness. But only if it is easy to get.
    I ain't going to go through the server logs looking for emails. Nor am I asking anyone else to. It is easier to just request a new guy.

    If my Outlook doesn't have it would the sent folder on my Comcast account if I went there and logged in. Would that have proof that the email was sent.