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    Hi, I need oDesk skill test solutions!
    I'm Currently working as a freelancer there in odesk. My educational background is from IT sector and I know lots of programming languages. But the oDesk skill test question is really very hard :| I tried to face few tests (html,css,photoshop,wordpress,seo) but my result was under average (3+ out of 5) but I need good result to make my profile more stronger. that's why I'm lookin for a black hat technique to passed with a good score :) Please help
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    in my think there is no solution for this ,,u need to take the test again again and note the question and rember the answeres and answaer it ...is th only way u can crack it ,,but ,,
    i was working there since 4 years and they good but they f&*k mangement ,,if u do any thing wrong ,they will suspend u permannetly on one shot ,,,okay ...so

    best is keep give the test more and remember it ..
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    Their skill tests are really ridiculous. I searched a while back for answers but I believe the company providing them switches up the questions too often to be able to cheat the system. You really have to know what you're doing and talking about to score very, very well. Even to the extent of knowing unnecessary b.s. you're unlikely to ever even need to know or use. Either way, it's hard for an individual to even get started and win jobs when you're up against teams of 3rd world/Indian companies with thousands of past jobs and 100 years of experience.
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    How about you actually study to improve your skills? even you you cheat, your sorry ass will be revealed after the few bad reviews you 'll get since you won't be able to live up to customer expectations.

    On the other hand, becoming an actual good programmer makes certain you 'll bank.
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    Well, you don't need to have good score for building up your profile with stars and feedbacks. Just pass some of the tests and you will be adding some more job applications in your profile. However, I must say tests are not that much important but the skills which you have in yourself. Whenever you apply for the job applications, make sure you try to prove that you are expert programmer. If you have done any work earlier, then paste it in Portfolio. Try with lower bidder in the beginning so that you can get work earlier and when you finally got your profile with full of positive comments and start, NOW your profile is STRONG. :)