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Obtaining Traffic through marquee signs.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Sneeks, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Sneeks

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    Dec 29, 2009
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    So, I was driving down the road about a week ago and seen a marquee sign with a bunch of letters taken off. It didn't say any type of message that was comprehend-able . I thought about it the whole time that this is quite a popular road/highway. People really don't care about some of these signs and what would happen if I changed it and put my website on there. I should buy some letters and just put my website address/squeeze page for my website on the sign. I ended up getting letters (which might I add are super expensive online, or you can find some through you know, yes, desperate people who need money). My traffic increased a little, but not by much. If i ended up doing this a bunch of times, I could probably make a good buck or 2. All I did was redirect it to one of my really crappy blogs with adsense just for an experiment. Obviously the sign was taken down about 4 days later, but I used one that was near red lights and such. I did it on a friday night also and the place of business wasn't open all weekend. I definitely know some of these signs aren't even in front of businesses.

    Maybe if you did this with an auto insurance CPA, church blog(for the church signs), or any other crazy website(obviously not porn). You could make some good money, you could even ask the owner of the business or property if the sign is all messed up if you could purchase the space for a certain amount. I reached about 286 unique visits in the 4 day period(assuming all traffic who manually typed in the url was from the marquee sign).

    If you dont know what a marquee sign is, I uploaded a picture. 156735913_outdoor-sign-letters-flexible-changeable-marquee-reader-.jpg
  2. assphuck

    assphuck Senior Member

    Feb 22, 2009
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    I applaud your creativity. And who knows, maybe with mobile growing it may help. But you need to be real creative in your message to intrigue people so that it produces a good ROI.

    I always wanted to rent an easel with a message that stated "F*ck Google - The AntiChrist," but I don't think I would find any takers. And permits for these are a pain in the ass in my region. Even if you own the store, office, etc., local zoning laws prohibit this type of advertising unless you are a large corporation and then you can have massive widescreen LED billboards posted just about anywhere.

    Stick with your creativity and it will take you up the ladder. Just try something other than Adsense so you don't help to satisfy the antichrist's appetite for money. :) Good luck