Obtaining a resellers certificate,Business Licence,or sales tax ID for australians

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    not sure if this is the correct place to post this question so if not I am sorry.

    Im an australian living in australia ,

    the title explains alot,Im looking at obtaining a resellers certificate,Business Licence,or sales tax ID for working with american wholesale dropshippers.I am in the proccess of getting an EIN and do not require any help with that.I just cant find any information on getting the license,because any US dropshipper I would like to work with requires these things.

    Can anybody shed some light on this topic for me thankyou so much.


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    In order to request a Reseller's Permit you must have a physical address in the US. For instance, you can request it to the 'Board of Equalization' in California.

    The EIN is way different than the Reseller's Permit, and you can request it to the IRS for tax purposes.

    Most US Dropshippers / Wholesalers will ask your RESELLERS PERMIT to accept you as a customer, in order to be exempt of taxes.

    I used to work on this industry doing dropshipping with different kind of products. Nowadays, dropshipping is not something easy to execute, because profit margin is extremely low.

    If you have a solid plan / strategy to go about this business, maybe we can start some kind of JV.

    Good luck.