Number of Unique Views Required for steady income?

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    I've tried quite a few methods here in BHW, and some of them have worked really well. But I've never tried earning through AdSense or any other advertising network. I've used CPA and other methods, but I've never used banners on any site. Its mostly been Youtube or Facebook pages. This is perhaps because I feel that AdSense can't get me enough money.

    And I feel this way, because I myself never click on advertisements on websites. And I've never seen my friends click it either. But then, recently I've realized that quite a few websites run completely on advertising. In fact a few local websites are advertising on the television too. This surely means that they are making money using Adsense or other advertising networks. I've never tried this, but I think I have a good idea to get nice traffic. It would really help me plan further if someone here could tell me how much traffic is good enough. Let me put it more precisely..

    1. How much US traffic would you need to make a decent income (say 100$ a day)?
    2. How much international traffic would you need to make a decent income?
    3. How much Indian traffic would you need to make a decent income?

    And I'm talking about normal teenagers and middle-aged people. Not an adult site. A normal entertainment site..
    I know it depends on several things.. But, I'm just looking for a brief idea...
    Thank you!
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    you have asked a very broad question , earning vary vastly from niche to niche .
    As a rule of thumb take $1 CPM . And yes if placed correctly adsense can generate huge revenue .
    CTR is higher for classified websites , coz people are already searching something .