Number of link drops on a parasite web 2.0 (approximately)

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    I am building a number of parasite Web 2.0. I like to make them larger in size, so at least 10 pages. If I have 10 pages how many of them could I safely expect to put a Money Site (MS) link on.

    Out of 10 posts could I put my link on 3 of them. (I also only do 1 MS link per page, but I will occasionally include a second authority link)

    I also don't really add MS links to post under about 500 words. So I don't have paragraph posts with a bunch of links in it. Although I do have some Youtube posts with just a few words and a link to a text post.


    Is there a good post/link ratio I should try to follow?
    How big can I go with these sites. If I get to 20 pages should I think about starting a new site. 30 pages. Any ideas?

    Additional information on quality of sites. This probably matters too.

    I use AutoFill Magic (AFM) and build a project with about 30 sites at a time. So that mean that I have about 3 accounts on any particular site I am vamping off of. I mix up the article, etc. I also create about me and contact pages. I mix up the images and the order the articles that appear in them. They are real sites. (But I do use Spin Rewriter to spin the articles and then I edit them by hand, but they read really well.)

    Is there anything else I should be worried about while building these.
    I have 900 or so word articles, could I add maybe 2 MS links to those? I see this all the time but I want to preserve the link juice being sent to my MS. I build Do Follow parasites. (I do have no follow sites to my MS too, but I built those with RankerX) Anyway , would 2 links (not the same URL) to my MS hurt or am I worry too much about link value dilution?

    Thank you for considering my question