Nubs @ Spamming


Feb 7, 2009
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If you are going to spam, atleast spam right

Was checking through my logs and check it out..

Waiting for a new mark.
M: hi, how are you?
Y: hey whats up
M: kewl, yah same.
Y: ASL? Im 18/F/USA btw
M: Here is my tinypic album, do you think i'm hot?
Y: aaww nice talking to you but I have to go, but here is my picture + contact info =
M: Crap, my roomate wants the computer! If you want, add me as a friend and send me a msg here:*edited*/amanda471/ (profile is amanda471), I got a few nudes up there, and my cell :)

His incentaclick account will be gone real sooon.
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