NProductions don,t have deliver after paymend

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Jun 27, 2019
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i have bought from @NProductions 100k Geo Target Ads Youtube Views and 100k WW ads Youtube Views.
I have payed for the 100k Geo YT views 800$ and for the 100k WW YT ads 200$ after i have send the money for the 200$ WW views (01.10.2020) he has done nothink.

I don´t want any service deliverd from him i want my money back.


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@NProductions - you have 48 hours to respond in this thread.

Shit List Request Approved
Information For The Accused Accused, you have 48 hours to respond to this shit list thread. If you do not respond within 48 hours, the decision will be made in favour of the Shit Lister and you will be permanently banned from Black Hat World. In the event that you're permanently banned from the forum, you may send in a support ticket using only once you've refunded and/or provided what the plaintiff has requested.

Please note that even in the event of a refund, you will also be required to maintain your marketplace thread. If you need to temporarily close your sales threads until you can manage your customers, you may do so by request. Information For The Accused & The Shit Lister Please remain professional as name calling, insults, tu quoque, and ad hominem will not be tolerated. Should the Shit Lister resort to this, the dispute will be forfeit; and if the accused resorts to this, the dispute will automatically be in the Shit Lister's favour.

The moderator mediating this dispute is simply trying to fair a resolution to this dispute. Any mod abuse or accusations (e.g., "you're biased", "you're protecting scammers", etc) directed toward the moderator will not be tolerated and may result in an infraction for mod abuse. Information For Other Members If anyone else has the same issue with the accused, you may respond so long as you supply evidence in the form of screenshots, videos, etc. Please bear in mind Shit List rule #4 before responding.

"If you are not directly related to the situation, or are not offering information directly related to the situation: do not post in the thread. Anyone caught doing so will receive an infraction and be reply banned from posting in the thread."
Dear ALL,

Who is concerned about this case.

i was happy to work for him in the past.

i have delivered everything 100%.

He simply is Angry because i didn't respond. [ will explain [

We all know how clients are when it comes to ethics.

and especially in promotion campaigns & Urgency.

Some Clients are mental & go nuts. :)

He was not of that category but later on the third campaign.

i couldn't respond as i have not slept enough for 4-5 days at that time.

and i was away for like 11 hours.

at those times even google ads campaign wasn't so delivered.

meaning it wasn't fast but i always do things on a deadline though - when you are running a campaign - there is no thing called deadline.

majority of results depend upon google as we all know.

It's just a simple case of anger.

so this is the story behind a shitlist though there is no scenario for this :)


i know i have delivered everything .. how can i proof?

but what do i proof?

@BassTrackerBoats please ask him to mention the video. so i can proof campaigns.
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i don't want to be labeled as such people here.

my goal is to stay here for long & server until i become renowned in the industry.

i am progressing day by day & working hard to come out of the well.

People who know me, please don't take this titbit stuff has a thing.

i would like to request mode to close this case.

1.) very unprofessional from you to post Video Link
2.) The Report what he postet is wrong Video by this video he has deliver all views

@NProductions show the latest Report !
you have only deliverd 99,459 views in 7 days and i have ordert 200k Delivery time 2 days.

I have asked him for a refund (see screenshot) because he cold not deliver and he said he will refund but when he sendet more views.
I wanted from him the report but he has not send me anythink (see screenshot)

I relly love Blackhatworld and i want to keep it safe and clean and a seller like @NProductions has nothink to do hear.

I want to get the money back what i have write in the Refund what i send him.


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1 - you know what i am talking about

2 - What Story you talking about?

3 - you do like we have done 1000 jobs together we have done 3 Videos and the last one the name ist "SIE"

5 - i had to buy for my clint from other Panel Ads view because you dont hold you promise show the Reports and we will see
I have order 100k German Ads and you could not deliver in the promis time then you said to me you can make 100k WW in max 48h (see screenshot) now it is 1 month later and still not ads from you (i dont want them anymore)

i want my money back like i told you.
You sad to all yes and when you had the money none of you promise was hold.


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@BassTrackerBoats Seller is threatening me and acting relly unprofessional

I thought we can solve the problem in whatsapp but then he starts threatening and now he wants contact artist?


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@BassTrackerBoats Seller is threatening me and acting relly unprofessional

I thought we can solve the problem in whatsapp but then he starts threatening and now he wants contact artist?

That is not germane to the issue and I have no idea why you would continue to chat in that you think he is ripping you off.

he is just playing with messages.

i have nothing to give & i can deal with him on WhatsApp.

Dear MOD. Kindly close this as you did & again Open the Thread.
he is just playing with messages.

i have nothing to give & i can deal with him on WhatsApp.

Dear MOD. Kindly close this as you did & again Open the Thread.

We are not going to deal with this on Whatsapp.

You offered him a refund according to that image.


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