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noway other than going S.T.E.A.L.T.H

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by fditl, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. fditl

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    Oct 11, 2015
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    & first of all sorry if my English may lag a lot..

    let me start with the fact that where i live is not supported buy paypl so really whats in the title describes the rest...
    i have an uncle overseas who is an engineer living with his family in Grmany like from before i was born.. i have his address, phone etc but no need to think going for using his details for creating the acc is just all a bad idea...

    mainly because i dont wanna make any troubles for them (whether he or his family already have an acc or gonna have in the future..). talking to him about this wouldnt be helpful either because when he realizes about stealth stuff would just make him paranoid & call my father and whole a lot of useless conversations with nothing at the end..... so in short basically not an option for me.

    still i chose Grmany as for country of my stealth paypl account to be for many reasons that i have for myself.

    btw its true that im facing all of this for the first time but by the knowledge ive aquired through going deep searching all over the web about basics of stealth i eventually feel confident enough to start off in a way warily and step-by-step so thatd lead me to a fully working account (which hopefully lasts like forever :D )

    so as i have to go full S.T.E.A.L.T.H,

    A) when signing up for papl:

    A1- for name ⊗⊗⊗⊗generator would suffice or better make use of mix of real Grman firstname/surname can be found online

    A2- what age not to register the acc with..(which may cause any restrictions for using of the account by law)

    A3- for address city & area must match with the gelocation of ip address when registering? for example iplocation says youre located in this city & area.. then if a POBx couldnt be find in that area youll be bond to use some real random address you could find? but then how would you make sure that its not already taken by someone else? whether stealth or real

    also what is advised when unexpected/inevitable change of ip address will happen (within the country ofcourse but may completely in a new range/block of ip which may be representing a completely different geolocation..)? for example the service suddenly stops by the provider whether its vps/vpn for any technical (like having to change your ip for the purpose of maintenance/moving servers etc) or even personal reasons

    by the way how fast these changes in ip address can be when anything like this pops up to be on the safe side?

    A4- same goes with phone number concerning geolocation when signing up for pp ..so what to use? morever if phone verification is needed for Grman papl then it cant be something sham that is out of reach and you cannot pick up calls & receive sms on it.. thereby unexpected inaccessibility in the future matters here as well

    A5- what are options for credit/debit card or bank verification?

    one that i could come up with was the EntrP vcc but i saw most people suggests that EP should not be stealth which is not feasible for me for the same reason that papl isnt in the first place.. which will make it involving risk of getting suspended at some point (& probably with no loophole) if i take the path of creating it by my own using stealth...

    but if i go for buying an EntrP vcc (or better to say any other credit/debit card which the seller guarantees to work for Grman pp..) is there a chance that for a fraudulent seller would be possible to steal funds on it or make any damages to paypl account? even if it doesnt come intentional.. like the seller himself made a fully stealth EntrP account and now that an issue raised with the EP acc the VCCs under his account will be all flagged and gone too so subsequently the papl linked to one of these VCCs would be most certainly in danger of being limited imminently.......

    with this in mind, is it true that whenever you go for buying a debit/credit card or vcc youre absolutely at the mercy of the seller & the loyalty of his service? what can be done to take control of things?

    another thing here, is it that the EP acc whether stealth made or real should be also Grman so to make the VCCs issued by it would be perfect for Grmany ppl and wouldnt rasie an issue in this regard?

    also if you intend to always keep some money online which of the two are a safer choice? i know pp has a 180d hold but what is the case with EP in such an inauspicious fluke

    A6- what is the amount needed to be on the card in order to pass ppl verification successfully?

    here id also have to mention that im on a very very tight budget like to the extent of setting up EP & funding one vcc with the amount needed to pass pp confirmation via expose code..

    A7- what are limitations concerning credit/debit/vcc if it can be layed out in general and what that are specific to EntrP VCCs

    like is there a monthly/yearly limit? and what to do before/when you hit yearly limit if ANY?

    what do to before/when card expires?

    is there one without any limits?

    B) by the time reaching to this point (if everything goes well.. \o/) i shouldve setup my account successfully but:

    B1- can i start receiving/sending money on the very first days?

    is there a recommendation about things like maximum amount per transaction, grace period in between transactions or number of daily/weekly/monthly transactions that should be followed?

    is there a minimum balance that should be always kept on acc or the card? should you not zero out them ever?

    B2- what are limitations concerning paypl in general and what that are specific to Grman ppl

    like is there a monthly/yearly limit? and what to do before/when you hit yearly limit if ANY?

    can make ppl to be without limits? (business account perhaps?)

    B3- i assume that the acc will be created in Euro .. what about USD? can a wallet be created for receiving/sending usd?

    B4- would there be an option for changing the language of the acc (which can be assumed will be in Grman by default..) and most importantly wouldnt this make an issue for the acc

    B5- although my main concern here is about getting ppl up & running but itd be nice to know all the things needed to be done in order to be able to buy things off eby without any limitations..?

    what goes for eby seller..

    B6- what are all precautions in order to be prepared for ominous case of hitting by ppl? and prevent funds from being locked up with no way out

    if at any steps talking about anything in public considered not wise then please guide me through p.m

    sorry for this becoming such an scroll
    & Thanks MUCH for Help
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