Now is the time to prepare for the super bowl!

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    The super bowl is about 2 months away, and now is the time to get prepared! As most americans know, the super bowl is the most watched program every year! So what should you do? Easy! Create a sports blog or forum. If you get your domain now, and use some bhw seo and social services to rank, you can do very well with the upcoming super bowl. Below is a few ideas of ways you can make money.


    • Offer some kind of free giveaway to people who view your site on super bowl Sunday to promote traffic
    • Post a survey on your site (like who do you think will win) then send them to an incentive cpa offer after they fill it out
    • Find and re-post old super bowl commercials on youtube, monetize them, then link them to your website
    • Put adsense, clickbank, amazon, and cpa offers on your website (spread offers like salt!)
    • Put affiliate links to sports betting offers on your site. (check the gambling laws first)


    • Adwords
    • Forums & Blog comments
    • Social networking
    • Opt in lists for sports fans (emailing method)
    • Local paper advertising
    • Radio advertising

    Now that is all the basics. You can definitely monetize Super Bowl Sunday. Don't wait to get started. You need every bit of the 2 months to get prepared! Good luck, and thanks for reading :)