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    Car Dating Catches On

    Internet dating is already a proven success with thousands and thousands of singles using hundreds of websites to find love and friendship, but a novel new site brings match making to our roads, allowing motorists to send a text to another driver if they like the look of them.

    Once registered, if members want to send a message to a driver, they note the registration of the car and then send a text via their phone - obviously not while driving themselves.

    Admittedly, car owners will only receive the message if they too are registered users of the system, but MYPL8's founder, Euan Williamson, reports that take-up has been very good: "We are staggered by the take-up of MYPL8 and now have clusters of members in almost every corner of the UK. We don't promise to help people find the partner of their dreams but it is happening. Others are making friends or simply chatting with owners of similar cars, especially vintage and more unusual models, or reporting potentially serious vehicle defects like faulty brake lights to fellow members."

    Registration is free and personal details are kept private until the member wishes to divulge them. It doesn't cost anything to receive a text, only to send.

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