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    Hello BHW,
    After a few years of lurking (I know, how long?) I think the time has most definitely come to take off the gloves in terms of traffic.
    Why am I here?
    To learn and to share. My commercial background is fair. Over the past 15 years I've lead the acquisition, conversion and retention teams at a number of good / not so good / downright chaotic brands in some challenging environments - online casino, retail and financial services. I've had fun and got to experiment with pretty much everything I wanted... except what can only be described as blackhat and yes, I'm not fond of that phrase for me it just dosent stack to call it that : I prefer to use the term 'agressive digital' because that's what it is. Damn, these things aren't illegal, global brands are so super aggressive in every other aspect of marketing yet fearful of google and penalties and blah...

    So I guess first up if anyone has any questions in any of the above industries hit me up. Happy to chat methods, niches, CPA, rev share models, who's killing it, how much casinos are actually paying for tenency as well as affiliate comms, conversion etc. happy to share the love because for the past few years I've had my own products (not related to the above).

    They've done well. Good times and bad and a ton of hard work and some decent returns but in my heart we can do more.

    So I'm curious. I'm about to take a different approach to what we currently do by taking a proven online acquisition model and giving it multiple hits of crack :)

    The Hydra Approach
    The hydra : when you cut off one head another two grow in its place :)

    I'm going to leave the main brand safe, it ranks ok, generates income and slowly (God so damn slowly) increases in traction and volume. It's a nice brand all fluffy and friendly and works.

    On the other side I'm going to start (hopefully) using some super spammy techniques to rank (initially) a simple one page site for data collection.

    User hits site > user wants free 'how to' guide > user gives email and receives said guide. In this guide we advertise the nice fluffy brand and set in motion a event / trigger based email marketing model.

    I'm curious as to how we can get a one page / long copy landing page to rank in an industry that's still super competitive albeit not as hard as previous ventures.

    I'm prepared (obviously) to invest as I don't have the technical coding skills to kill it.

    Each landing page will by definition have a short shelf life but for each one taken out we will have two more lurking and ready to go, and those two become four, eight etc as a massive FU to the industry we are attempting to dominate.

    I want to take the route that nothing is off the table in terms of risk and that these sites are expendable.

    That's probably enough waffling on for now :)
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    Introduction and question all in one lol! Anyway you can share your tips in various threads, good luck
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