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What skill is most important to the average Black Hat newbie?

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  1. Keyword and niche research

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  2. Good writing skills

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  3. Using available resources (IE Google, BHW, etc.)

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  4. Don't worry about it, just get started and figure it out along the way

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    Just kidding, HI! Quick intro: discovered affiliate marketing about a year ago, blew a buttload of $$ on crap that didn't work, at least not as well as I had hoped, discovered BHF a week ago, been lurking ever since, learned more valuable info in that week than what I paid thousands for in the past year, so I'm here to stay and I have a comment/rant directed at fellow noobs everywhere: How the F#&! do you expect to understand affiliate marketing, SEO, black hat or anything else if you don't even know how to use Google to get a simple answer? (Yeah, you know who you are.)

    Anyway, I extend my gratitude to the kind and generous people of BHW for sharing their knowledge which, in the right hands with the right mind, is truly valuable beyond measure.