Not Sure What To Do - Advice Needed

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    Ok, well it started out as me looking for keywords to sell in response to a WTB thread. But now that I found it, I am not sure what to do with it. I don't really want to spend my time with it as I have another project I am working on. Should I keep it and hope it is still good later down the road or just sell it?

    Here are the stats:

    • Global Monthly Searches: 201,000
    • Approximate CPC: $0.47 - $0.57
    • Total Estimate Clicks: 37.21 - 45.48
    • Estimated Ad Position: 2.86
    • EMD availability: No, but adding the letter "s" at the end is available

    This is a 3 word keyword. There are currently only 2 ads running when you search for this keyword. Aside from the ads, the #1 google search result comes up with a site that has 4500 backlinks with an irrelevant domain name. However, the #2 spot from the 3 word keyword on google has a site with a EMD plus the word free on the end. This #2 spot has less than 40 backlinks.

    Summary: Competition with ONLY 2 ads. Number search result has 4500 backlinks. Number 2 search result has LESS than 40 backlinks with EMD+free.

    Anyone and everyone please feel free to chyme in, I would like to know what you guys think.