Not sure if this is the path I take?

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    I run a website (the first website that pops up when you google my name 'PrinceVern') that contains links to content, in my case specifically, HTML codes to customize your 'Facebook' profile; I have over 350+ of these codes that I programmed myself, and my website gets about 1000-3000 hits a day.

    I was considering a site like ****** for the links to my HTML codes, but I also realize that the people willing to get these codes, that are NOT available anywhere else, would probably be willing to go the extra mile to obtain my content, so something along the line of CPA instead of just a wait timer might be more profitable for me in the end.

    What I need to know is if this is the best way to go about making money, and any tips or recommended sites are appreciated, thank you ^_^
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    It will be the right path. Join any reputable content locking company to earn quick $$$. If the html codes you are offering on your site are unique then people will surely complete 1-2 surveys to get the codes.