not running scripts or active x but IE thinks so?


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Aug 5, 2008
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hi there,

I have something that's really confusing me....

I have a LP and it just text, a couple of pics and 2 links....

I updated about once a day, but did something recently so that when the page tries to open in IE, you get the IE secuirty warning thing that says the page is trying to run scripts or active x?

I'm not, but not sure what I may have done on the page that triggers this?

I went through and don't see any "scripts"?

any feedback appreciated


PS ,.. i often change info on the LP using ms word, and I've heard it puts lots of crap unecessary code, it happened once before, and I just went into the code and started deleting (didn't know what I was doing) but it did work, but the problem is back again, so I'm wondering what other anomalies may trigger this?
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I'm going to change what I'm trying to determine, managed to fix the problem I mentioned on my previous post....

is there anyway to use a stat counter that doesn't trigger explorers
warning about "the site in trying to runs script or active x" (more or less what it says)

that seems to scare a lot of guys off...any alternative to something that will not trigger that warning?

(all I really need to know is the number of uniques, that's it!)
hey crooker,

I upload to my host on a shared hosting plan..
I do look at it before "going live" each time in DW, but it's in parity with
what happens when I do upload it.....

I always rely ultimately on it's behavior once uploaded

I'm a confused little one!
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