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    Ok guys, so my 1st attempt at a website was several months ago in a niche that I consider a hobby.

    I put together a little blog using a standard WP theme and added some original content. Later I bought some fiverr gigs and got some links due to the content and started to rank. Then I got bored and set up an autotube plugin that stopped working the 1st of December.

    I went back in a week or 2 ago and deleted a bunch of the videos, but still have plenty of them on it.

    Anyway I had ranked for some pretty easy search terms on page 1 with the "most difficult" having an allintitle result of close to 30K. But because I stopped updating the site by hand it dropped out for that KW.

    After deleting some of the vids it has shown back up on page 2 of google after dropping out of the top 100 for a bit. In addition it has now appeared on page 1 of bing and yahoo after dropping back to page 4 or 5.

    Also it is now in position #35 in yahoo for a term with 9900 global and 6600 local exact searches, but still nowhere in google. 138,000 all in title results.
    This is not a word I targeted really but it is interwoven into the site due to the nature of the site.

    Anyway, this is just a post for information and results sharing. You are free to draw your own conclusions and ask questions so we can examine the findings. I will be offline within an hour and likely not be back on until tomorrow night, so if you have any questions I will answer then.

    I know this is not alot of information but for the sake of the discussion lets say the site is called "how to play tennis in college dot com" the term it WAS on page 1 of google was "how to play tennis", it went away after making it an autoblog but it is now back on page 2 after turning the autoblog off.

    No new content has been added btw. Also now it is on page 2 of yahoo for "tennis techniques" which has the 6600 local exact searches and 138,000 all in title results. No that is not the real niche, but you get the idea.