Not here maybe a few days.

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    Will not be around for a few days, I will be away for a few days so will not be active.
    For help along the lines of problems, bad posts, spam, bad pms, use the report thread/pm feature onboard and they will get looked after.

    All PMS will be delayed and not read until a few days time so if its urgent please try another staff member.

    I will be around but working on a project that will require a few days of non sleeping and viagra to keep me up LOL joke.

    Anyways just thought you should all know. I like notifying you all when ill not be around incase you have something urgent and tried pming me.

    So there goes guys i shall be around the IRC server from time to time, and maybe pop on here. But i will not be fully active as I usually am.

    ( #makecash )

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    Hopefully it's a vacation taking you away.
    If so, enjoy it... I'm sure it's much deserved.

    *Edit, just read that you are actually going to be working the whole time. Figures, lol.
    That's a solid BHW'er for ya. Always on the grind ;).