Not getting even 10% of Offered Speed :-/

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    Hi, Pardon if this is the wrong category, i am not able to decide the best one for this, mods please move this to where you think this shud be:eek:

    So i live in india, bought this MTS Mblaze connection (because was fedup from my college wifi), now MTS advertises (UPto) 3.1 Mbps speed so effectivly around 400KBps, but i am hardly getting even 10KBps Constant.

    The tower signals seems Alright (4/5 right now), is there anything i can do to get me even 50% of the offered speed ?

    this MTS is CMDA2000 service in REV.A (found this out from google searching etc), basically an EVDO connection

    Spent $60 on this and monthly rental is $20 so i expect a better speed, the customer support sucks so i ask help from you all.

    I am using the modem in "BORADBAND" mode (not in hybrid or 1x)

    Please help me out Guys :(
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    1) why dont you call customer care. What are they meant for?

    2) 3.1 Mbps is the highest speed you gonna get. It varies on various factors like rains, signal strength, load on tower and such things.

    3) Why not made this thread in The Lounge. Its for all such threads only!!