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    So this is my story , if u r accepting a motivational story like how someone acheived thousand $$ a day then u are in the wrong thread , well i had tried a lots of method posted here , like others i had also started with a loss but i thought that i will start earning like others but i was wrong i had literately tried almost everything but my bad luck i never achieved anything :( now my earning is stopped and my balance is almost nil i dunno how u people do it , i know there is no short cut in life and no will ever tell his/her method of earning but currently my target is to achieve atleast $10/day :S i know u all will think that it is very easy but trust me it is very very hard for me atleast this time when i have no money to invest , if anyone wanna help me then plz help me caz i am in need of that , i will update this thread when i have achieved something till then , any suggestions ?? what should i do , oh and btw i lost my job and and i am searching a new job right now :D
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    Find a method you are interested in, knuckle down and make it work. End of.

    Dont try something for 10 minutes and then move onto the next thing. $10 per day? 3 fiverr gigs per day would give you $12 per day. Easy, quick, efficient.

    Use your brain, no-one is going to hold your hand. Create a website, make it an authority, provide content people actually want to read. The people earning thousands per day in IM are the ones that have put the work in. Have a little fight in you.

    Discipline yourself, focus on making a good site, the money will come later. :)
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    still valid
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    Before Eight months, I found a amazon niche and bought a EMD then i built a review site. Then i start doing link-building very slowly for two months, nothing happened in google rankings. On third month i start building social bookmarking blast, article directory submission with web 2.0's and other stuffs for a week. WoW! My website got into position 10 on google. That day i got 183 hits with 2 purchase then i'm very happy because i got results for my work. But, Next day i haven't get a single visitor, the reason is penguin update. My site goes from 10 to nowhere. Whom to blame? all the three month works gone in a single day.

    OP, Not you the one had a demotivational story. Most of us have one. So, Try Try and Try..
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    You went wrong here.. You have to not waste time on shitty things, rather get a solid formula for making money, which appeals you, and then give your best. And yeah, frankly speaking I spent more than a year at almost broke stage before reclaiming my lost house. Some things take time to bear fruits so we need to be patient with them. Here, lies the answer to your problems.

    Cheers :)
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    the only thing make you money is your brain my friend if you dont have it leave IM do offline real job threads or methods shared here
    is not for showoff or anything its for giving inspirations and a guide how some one achieve it , there is hell lot of ways to earn money from IM you need to research and test before spending real money into scaling it if you are failing on regular basis do a real job best of luck for your future !