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Not a Journey - Growing Success as a Writer

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by The Future, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. The Future

    The Future Newbie

    Jun 9, 2012
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    Goal Last Summer: Save for and buy an iPhone

    This past February:

    Do I have your attention?

    I'm No different than any of you. I have goals, desires, and places I want to be. I have limited time with University so my online money making strategies are always in my back pocket ready to be used when needed. Now that it is summer I am back at it and like last summer I am back to Fiverr.

    How do I make my money?

    I write articles, blogs, etc on Fiverr. Not only do I write but I make sure that I produce the greatest work imaginable.

    Why is my writing better and how do I keep beating the competition:

    1. Quality - No one wants garbage. Thus my work is equivalent to anything I would write for University. Nothing is spun, coppied, or plagarized.
    2. Fast delivery - Whenever possible I will over deliver and beat my target date by at least 2 days, usually I try to get things done in 24 hours, leaving the users blown away
    3. Network, network, network. Word of mouth gets you so far and talking to old customers really can rekindle relationships.
    4. MANNERS!!! I can not stress this enough. Some sellers can be totally unresponsive till they submit and others can think they are better than their buyers. BAD. It is all about manners and making your customer feel good. Does not matter if it is Fiverr or a law firm. Manners get you so far!
    5. Video - Fiverr gigs with videos are above the rest, though I account this little to my success

    Why I write:

    I love it, I am an honors major in Cellular Biology in Canada but writing is just a passion and I believe that it translates to my success

    Current Standing:
    100% gig rating with over 50 orders. The low amount of orders has to do more with my gig being on almost 1 week a month and December and March not having any sales as I was writing finals. Summer means my gig will be on 24/7 which will really help me get my work up.

    Goal for this summer:
    Work even harder, and have triple my current sales by the end of summer.

    I hope I inspire you all to work hard in the future:).


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