Normal Registration now back open


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Oct 29, 2005
I have opened the doors back open again!

So anyone can register again!

Once we are all happy with invite only im guessing we will keep it (if/when the time comes)

It was just a beta for the ***** spammers!
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I truly think it's a good idea to keep it invite only. It's hard to trust anyone when you don't know who's out there and causing problems.
I think though Harro sees the need to keep BHW expanding. Closing the doors and becoming a private club will limit the reach and longevity of this site. It also defeats the allure of becoming a donating member and Jr Vip.

If it becomes invite only then there also needs to be open registration for those that are willing to pay a small fee to register. Not everyone will be able to know where to get an invite, and the small fee (like $1.00 or something) would weed out all the ***** problems.

Just my newbie opinion on the matter. :)
I think that invite only is still a good idea. With the amount of people already on the site I think that new ideas and content will still flow freely.

Thanks. As i am a new member and been scam before i like what i see here to limit these out..

I was invite here by a customer of ours.. I like what i see!

Great job,
I have mixed feelings about the doors being opened to the general public.

I would have never found this place had the doors been closed and after being on other forums that are just crap. I would have been very hesitant to pay for a forum membership.

Now that have been here and see this is one of the best places to learn. I want to close the doors and keep the information and eyes, and ears limited..

So I don't know which one would be the best approach.
Hey guys there's a thread dedicated to discussing whether the forum should be open or closed, plus the poll has already been closed too :) Good Luck.
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I think HaRRo's approach is correct if we start having problems again we will have to deal with it at that time, growth is nice because with growth becomes knowledge, and for sure lots of people who could participate would then look elsewhere.
We aren't closing the doors to the public and/or switching to an invite-only system.

New members are the life blood of this forum.

The invite system is just a way for you to invite people to join BHW.

Besides, do you really want to see people selling BHW invites on DP anytime soon?
Again it will be switched if any problems like the ***** spammers comes again
That keeps it open for friends to join in these situations and means you can invite friends at any time.
New members are the life blood of this forum

I joined the forum when I saw some of the forum threads published on a h4cker blog indexed by my site. If an invitation was required to join the forum, I won't be here. No many South American in BHW, with the exception of a0rta (Brazil).:tumblewee
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