Normal for ranking to dip before increasing after gaining good links?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by jamie3000, Dec 7, 2015.

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    I have a new money website. I wrote some good content and was ranking quite well by the content alone. Then after about 2 weeks I created about 10 web 2.0 and started a small PBN currently only at 2 websites. They look like they've all just been indexed and instead of going up my rankings seem to of gone down. Not by a huge amount only 2-10 places, but its across 70/80% of my keywords. They'd been very stable until now.

    Is it normal for rankings to dip before they go up after gaining links to your website? Or do you think my PBN is dirty somehow? I checked ahrefs and majestic historic anchors and way back machine the domains seemed fine/clean.

    I'm being a little impatient I know but I'd like to hear if anyone else has had this before.

    btw these two pbn domains are on CDNs
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    Could be normal, calm down, wait and see.