Normal BigG behavior or just slow webhost ?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by iknowjack, May 2, 2011.

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    I am thinking all the time if i am perhaps losing visitors becouse it looks to me like my shared hosting accounts on godaddy-europe servers are slow.

    When i load my site (even without being logged into wordpress it can take from 2sec to 15 seconds). Its stange to me that i see sometimes 5 hits from g search in less then 10 minutes, at average rate of some 1 g search refferal per 15-45 minute. Which makes me think "perhaps my website worked normal for 10 minutes and not so many people give up"

    so what do you think ? normal g mini dance that sent more hits within some very small period or slow host ? the thing is i dont want to move domain somewhere else at this point, becouse i heard many people lost ranking when moving domain (something might go wrong, my existing pages on wordpress might look sligly different when moved and then god know what it might happen after next g crawl)
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    well, seems to me like you can't lose by moving your site. a slow host is losing you hits. a move may lose you visits too but heck you're losing them anyways.