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    I decided to put this little guide together for anyone new to internet marketing considering buying a virtual product of some sort.

    Back in the day, I wish someone would had put these things into words for me, it would of helped me save alot of money, so all I can hope is that by providing what I know now I can help you.

    Sometimes, scams are not obvious scams like nigerian emails. Sometimes scams come in the form of membership programs, guru hyped ebooks, hyped up software and other not so honest programs. While these programs aren't flat out scams like nigerian emails, they are still of scam nature... meaning they're meant to prey on people that don't know any better. Now, this is definitely not bad for the person ontop, but for people just getting into internet marketing, its a pithole many of us fall down... and don't really need to.

    it can be a let down to find out that all the information this special program was going to give you turns out to be free information all over the web, and all the money you put into the membership or ebook could of went towards actual work that would of earned you money like ppc or seo.

    I'm not saying all membership program and ebooks are bad, but generally be weary of them. Research everything before you buy into too. Look around on forums, don't expect one place to be a solid enough source. Research in and out to find out if you're really going to get something out of buying into this program.

    No matter what a program may make itself look like, any membership programs main goals will not be to make you money, but to make them money. A good example of programs that WOULD make you money would include actual services like seo and ppc.... where its understood your giving them money to show you a return of income or activity that will lead to that, instead of just giving them their money because they're going to sell you a dream.

    if you're going to spend your money, buy into services, softwares, not information products that can generally be found for free... come on we're blackhats nothing isn't known to us if we look for it!!!

    But before you buy anything, be sure to ask around and look for definitive answers on the products.
    Also, remember, at the end of the day... it won't be the services... the softwares.... the business ideas you have....

    but the actual work you put in that will make you succeed
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    If it's hyped, generally stay away, I mean a market won't be good (or as easy) for the members that comes after the first wave.
    But i can admit i wasted maybe 50 total on crap reports and shit when i first started out, oh and bought a website or 2, total crap lol :)

    But yeh, your points are valid.
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    Excellent info. there cashsalute. Perhaps if more newbies read this first there would be a lot less requests for downloads of crappy ebooks.
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    Oh I've spent thousands on crap products that don't deliver.

    But frankly...

    I'm kinda glad I did as now I know what to look out for.

    Plus it kicked me into gear and I decided to find one or two things
    that worked and just put my all into that.

    Its good to invest in your business and good to learn, but it doesn't
    help if you learn all this great stuff and never do anything with it.

    That is why I encourage people to stop downloading so much info
    off this site and start working. When I first got started in IM, I
    downloaded and purchased so many courses it filled up my hard
    drive and I never read them all... If you get tons of information
    that is solid and don't move with it then its like you didn't get the
    info at all.

    I think the moral of this thread is take action, it will make the