NOOBS: Get Paid $50+/hr Ez Offline Marketing

I did something similar to this a few years back. Advertising is a real pain for business owners. They hate paying for it but they know that it is the life-blood of business, so they can rarely do without it.

I think that if you are in a city with a large population, then you could add a big incentive for them to sign-up for you by having just one advertiser per catagory.

Essentially you are saying: "Here is what I am offering. It is great and it works. "We" only have one entry per catagory so if you advertise with us today, you won't have any competion at all. If you don't want it, then your competitor down the road probably will. Let him see you have a list and you're not bluffing.

That usually did the trick. There was no need for a hard sell as they will pay for the advertising just to stop their competitor getting that single ad spot as much as for advertising for themselves.

I also think that this could be made a whole lot easier by using the Yellow Pages Crawler download that I got from Loxy (cheers Loxy) on this thread last night:

I am in the UK so can't really use it for this, but for those of you in the US, just get the crawler, search your area for say plumbers, mechanics, florists, dentists, laundry services etc, etc. Get a list of them all and go down the list offering "exclusive spot advertising". And don't sell yourself short either. The Dog-Eat-Dog principal comes into its own here.

This does work. If you live in a large city (lets face it every city in the us is large....isn't it?) then you are made. You can do this for years if you want.

It gets easier too as you get repeat orders it can be run by telephone after the first year. Your client base can be as large as your imagination.

The money is there, you just have to get your butt away from the computer and get out into the real world and tap-in to it.

I haven't read grafxextremes book but I can pretty much guess it is the same core principal as the one I have had for about 5 years. Read his book and get out there and earn money. It's easy but it needs you to take action. This is so much easier and quicker tham building adsense sites etc and possibly a lot more lucrative if you work it.

It is sustainable and not reliant on Google, Clickbank or anyone like that. You get out what you put in....and I would say $50 per hour might even be a little conservative when you have mastered it.

I would add though that grafxextrems approach (being nervous and saying he had a boss) was different from my own approach. I made it known that I was the boss and that if the owner didn't want to advertise with me then fair enough, I would get one of his competitors to fill the spot instead. No pressure on me, as the risk of Not advertising was with him.

Not a better approach...just different and better suited to me. Whatever you feel you could carry-off best I suppose.

Penfish35 ;)
Hello Penfish35

Good information. As you say it's about getting out there and taking action. Much more profitable than adsense, cpa and the rest because it pays like clockwork every month.

If you can get small business owners to pay for at least three months then you pretty much have them for life. Especially if you use the software I recommend because they can verify for themselves that their ad is being seen.

If I were going out there and doing it myself I wouldn't have a problem with saying I was the boss. However, I wrote the information for noobs most of which are intimidated by the thought of speaking to a business owner. Not quite sure why... they're nice enough folks.

I've even incorporated an order form that will help make the sale and information on hiring others to meet with the business owner. It doesn't get any easier than that. :)

I'm still waiting to hear some success stories. Or as we call it "war stories" about what happened when they went into the field. I think those who will do this will be amazed at how easy it really is to make these sales.

And, with the order form giving them an excuse to upgrade to $75/mo it doesn't take too many clients to make this very profitable for those who get off their butts and do something.

I see so many people who say they have to make some instant cash. Have to get paid on a daily basis. Well here's the system for doing that. Even if you only make one sale an hour that's still $25/hr. A lot better than flipping burgers or working at WallyWorld.

Anyway, thanks for the push -- hopefully more of those reading this will be bold enough to TAKE ACTION!

Gave you a REP for the encouragement to those reading this...
Thanks for the rep grafxetreme, I appreciate it. I will download your book and read it later when I can give it the attention it deserves.

You have obviously put a lot of work into it and judging by the useful items you have mentioned that are in it, it is far superior to the version on a similar topic that I have.

I just hope that people can appreciate what a gold mine the info and tools you have provided actually is. You could easily be selling this for a good price, as it is a road-map for a timeless, nuts and bolts business which will make good money if the little effort is applied.

Sadly though, most will spend the next few months trying to make "quick" money online using short shelf-life methods.

I know because I have been trying to make extra "quick" money online from these same short shelf-life methods too! :eek:

Just as well nobody pays any attention to what I say. :p
Anyway, thanks for the nice comments, thanks for the rep. I will go get your book now.

Maybe I'm over looking it and need to get into the mind of the small business owner more.

Basically your over thinking this. Just get out there and do it. If you do it correctly this can mean an extra $4000 or more a month income.

Let's say that only two owners agree to list with you a day because you're a lousy sales person. You go out every day for 20 days. That 40 listings which equals $1000 for the month. Not a heck of a lot. But when they upgrade to either your $50/mo OR your $75/mo plan then you're looking at $2000/mo. This of course is worse-case-scenario.

The point is that for getting out there and working for 20 days and doing miserable at selling with only 40 listings to show for your hard work you could be earning about $24,000 for the year.

Is it worth getting out there and at least giving this a try for $24,000 a year?

Sometimes you have to be BOLD and TAKE ACTION!
I've received a few PM's about how realistic creating a business directory is especially in light there are others out there who are trying to sell portals, websites and even local television stations are trying to promote a business directory.

The question is, "Is this a realistic business and can I realistically make money and if so why would someone buy from me and not the others?"

You have in your arsenal one thing that none of the others have. You have the knowledge that YOU have to go out there and meet with the advertiser. You can't hide behind your computer. You have to go face-to-face with your advertiser. This gives you a huge advantage.

You also know who to speak to. You know that the person to ask for is the office manager or manager of the store. That's something else that with the exception of the professional outside sales person doesn't know. They believe they can simply put up a site and advertisers will magically appear. Or, they believe they can send a letter or postcard to an advertiser and they'll write them a check.

You also know how much to charge in order to ensure you receive more YES than "no's". Most of your competition is out there trying to sell listings or websites that don't work for hundreds or thousands of dollars. This means that in as soon as the advertiser figures out that it's not working they cancel.

You also know specifically what software to use because it provides QUANTIFIABLE results for your advertiser. It is extremely rare for an advertiser to know if their advertising is working or not. They can place an ad in the local newspaper but they have no way of really knowing how many people saw their ad. They can place their ad in the valuepak but again they have no way of knowing how many people actually saw their ad. With your software they'll know EXACTLY how many saw their ad. This provides you with a HUGE advantage over the any competition. You can show results and they can't.

I work with small business owners on a daily basis. I coach them. I interact with them in webinars and live seminars I conduct. I tell them what to look for in advertising. How to purchase advertising. How to demand results. I know their thinking and their frustrations. I know pretty much what most of them will do and won't do.

I've provided you the insights you need to be successful. HOWEVER, it requires you to do one small little thing. And that is to screw up your courage and BOLDLY TAKE ACTION!

The money is there for you to take. But you have to get up out of your chair, walk out to your car, drive to where your advertiser is, ask to speak to the manager and then ask for them to write you a check.

That's what your competition doesn't know. They're still trying to sell by email, letter and postcards.

I know that some of you really have a difficult time with this. But trust me, these business owners and managers WILL NOT eat you. They WILL NOT pull out a rifle and chase you off the property. They WILL NOT threaten to call the police. They DO NOT have a bouncer to take care of you. They WILL NOT sic their guard dog on you. They WANT to do business with you if you'll just have the courage to ask them.

The first five that you approach will be the hardest. Which is why I recommend telling them "your boss" sent you. But believe it or not by the time you get to the tenth one you're going to wonder why you didn't do this before.
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As an added value you could also put them in google maps. It's free and most business owners don't know about it.
hi grafxextreme

I m about to buy the directory software under your link..can you please update/edit the ebook with my affiliate link for all link that inside the ebook.

I ll update my progress by doing this.

Hey Nuvision
You're definitely on the right track with Ft Bragg. Focus on the spouses. You may want to place a small help wanted ad in the base newspaper. PM me and I'll give you some ideas for how to hire people.
I've no idea of the geography of your area, but if there is regular trade going on between the towns, you should combine them. Gives the businesses additional exposure.
Hey Nuvision
You're definitely one the right track with Ft Bragg. Focus on the spouses. You may want to place a small help wanted ad in the base newspaper. PM me and I'll give you some ideas for how to hire people.

hi grafxextreme,

waiting for ebook cover.

businessdirectoryprofits dot com

first stage of marketing had started.

i m worry people will get for free here..:) at you siggy.

anyway..of one my friends had started with this business but he used free directory i suggested him to buy form from you or i ll buy the forms and templates from you.then sell it to him.

Okay. I had a think about this.

Potential Domain Names

Create 30+ categories.. pizza houses, flower shops, job agencies etc..

Add a few already so that it looks 'busy'.

Have the print outs ready.

Go into business, speak to manager, say you have 1 spot at the top, and it costs just 50GBP or $75 for the year.

Show them a listing example which can include title of business, contact details, opening hours, small description, take a digital camera with you and say the price will include a few photos (perhaps a shop front one, some of there products etc).

Make sure you drill it into there head that you can get all this done now. And it costs just that one fee for the whole year. Say you're only accepting one featured business in this spot. I've highlighted that because 'this spot' could mean at the top, you could still go into similar businesses and offer then 2nd spot, and say the business down the road has the 1st (social proof).

Try and sell 1 per day. And hopefully get 365 business listed in your directory at that price (that sounds hard) but it would work out at 18,250 GBP / $27,375.

You could also contact some specific business and offer them a full website. Perhaps ecommerce solutions etc..

What do you guys think about that model?
With google giving listings for free in there version on yellowpages,I dont think this will work to good.You are better off explaining to them how you can get them in google top search results/seo etc.
Just my opinion
Some people just don't get it.

iphazor, you really think these people have the time to do SEO?
@ grafxextreme,

Why have you put so much security on this ebook? so you can't even print it?

The reason I'm asking you this is I normally like to print ebooks then read them I find it a lot easier to look over when I need a refreasher.

Not really something i would try, not that i doubt one second that this would work, i just suck at these types of things. Great idea for sure.
With google giving listings for free in there version on yellowpages,I dont think this will work to good.You are better off explaining to them how you can get them in google top search results/seo etc.
Just my opinion

99% of small business owners don't know SEO from MP3. They don't care about anything EXCEPT results.

Yes, there's lot of free directories out there and yes Google and yellow pages have free listings. But if you study the software I recommend you realize that you can offer much more. More importantly it's LOCAL.

Think of dating. There's quite a few huge dating sites out there. But the people who are going to pay for a membership are those who are looking for someone LOCAL. The freebies are usually the ones who want out of state love affairs. The LOCALS want to know who locally will be available.

The same with your city/county business directory. Small business owners are looking for local and most have no idea there are free directories. It's your job to get traffic to your site. Produce the results the small business owners are looking for. When you do they'll be happy to pay.

pauluk: I find it's easier to protect pdf and keep honest people honest. Otherwise I have people going in and changing things and then their buyers come looking to me for support. If I'm going to provide support then I expect to get paid. I could have sold this for $99 but instead gave it away. There's always compromise.

BTW: The ebook is no longer available for free. I believe it's backpackets who now is selling it from my link below. Hey backpackets, how do I become an affiliate? :D
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shit what version is it now?

I have version 4 and i didn't down load the new version now your selling it?

what have you added to it?

paul ;)
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