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    Mar 15, 2015
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    Howdy. So, Basically, I didn't know where else to post this. So here it goes.

    I want to make multiple Face Book accounts.
    accounts, at least 30-50. After searching bots and such, I have heard of face dominator, However I am not sure if that is the best one.
    Now the reason I want to make these accounts is not for marketing, it is because I simply just want to have more likes on my personal facebook. If there are ways to do this without creating multiple accounts I am also interested in that as well.

    Is it possible my regular facebook will get deleted if they catch me? What are the risks? What are some ways to go about this? If my account being deleted is a high risk, I do not wish to do this.

    I would really enjoy if anyone could help me out? I am pretty decent with computers, But I would really just prefer a step by step process.

    So can anyone help me out?

    I really would enjoy any advice or any guides or basics that you guys could teach me!

    Thanks for the time!

    Sincerely, Chase
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    Use private proxies to access other Facebook accounts and never use your regular Facebook account from random places. You would be in a green zone if you do so :)