noob with skills+ desperate for solid ideas, plz help


Dec 20, 2008
hey everyone! any traction on my question will be very much appreciated.
i'm almost broke from recent bad investment (-$100k ouch!). had a restaurant in BKK and then the coup, the bombings and the dollar tanked.
i decided (didn't have much choice) to cut and run. now back in the US.

i'm web savvy, can throw up a wordpress site in minutes, have tons of ebay experience (2000 @ 99.8%), but i've been off for a year at least.
there are so many options in terms of jumping into the mrkt game.

i don't have time or money to waste and need to hit the ground running.
i have nothing but time, 18hrs/day/everyday to devote to a project.
please share with me your suggestions for making money thru online mrkt.
at some point i would like to offer real value, but at this point i need to pay the rent. what would be your recs understanding my position? jumping off a bridge is not an option, so thanks in advance for any of those responses :)
yes, someone actually offered up that suggestion on another forum!

thanks in advance, i'm sure newbies ask this question all the time. i just really need some help...:D
Did you try jumping off a bridge, I hear there is good money in that ;)

I sent you a PM
Well let's see, first you say 'I don't have time or money to waste', and then in the next sentence you say 'I have nothing but time 18hrs day/everyday/ to devote to a project.

Come on man! We ALL want to 'hit the ground running'.

If you have 18 hours a day, why don't you spend some time reading all the great methods here.............and then put your very own unique personal twist on it.???

Personally, I'm a rebel. I don't want to follow anybody's cut and dried step by step method. I want to make that method mine! and personally, I don't think anybody's cut and dried step by step method will work.............unless you put your own personal spin on it..........Come on, get real! These posts are being seen by do you know if the method has been followed step by step, and by how many viewers, so much that the method is now DEAD?...........and I personally don't think too highly of anybody that is going to follow OR ASK for a personal step by step method........without putting their own personal twist to it. To me, that shows me the person has no imagination.

Here is what I posted earlier today from another, just like you, wanting a 'fast track':
I believe because of the vast information available here, that there will always be newbies wanting a 'fast track'.

It's SO easy to get caught up in reading every new post of interest, and when that's what a newbie is doing, they get 'information overload' quickly.

It's like a've found this awesome place that can help you get ahead in finances.....with all the newest tricks and since you finally found a REAL place with not too much bullshit, you want to stay on top of it and suck it up for all it's worth.

The beauty of it all is that each trick, tip, or method will cater or hit each person's intelligence, ability, morals differently...........

I do recommend reading everything you can at first..........that way each person can subconsiously decide what interests them, and what they'd like to try, and then they can zero in on that method.

Yea,........there's 'fast tracks' here........but a 'fast track' for one person will not be the same 'fast track' for another person.

It does get kinda redundant seeing lazy people making their first post so damned obvious that they haven't spent any time reading, (and I've only been here a bit over a month!).....but we (I think) at least have to give them the courtesy of opening up their post to see if:
a) they really are a lazy ass
b) they've read a few posts, and have a question about a certain method.
hey, thanks for the reply! what i did say is that i don't have time or money "to waste", but i do have time to commit to a project. i think you address a point very clearly and that is information overload. there seems to be a 1000 directions to go and for every method i have been reading, there seems to be someone saying it is dead or not viable. so, i wasn't trying to come off "lazy", just trying to wade thru some of the trash to get to the meat. just trying not to waste too many false starts.
as we speak, i am reading thru the entire forum. and, of course i will put my own twist on
a method, once i decide on one. certainly didn't mean to offend, and your points are well taken and appreciated. thanks again!
I think one of the best things you can do is just pick one and own it. If it doesn't work, or generating $ the way you want it to, then you have to move on. I do know what you mean though about not having $, that is one of the hardest parts. If you can invest a little bit of money in some of the quality software that is out there you can find a way to get moving. My first investment was in a CL auto poster, turns out i've been using the G*male and cll account creators and selling those accnts more than posting.
Read a whole bunch and just try a whole bunch of stuff, the more you try the more ideas you will get. I don't know crap about coding, but it seems knowing how to code will become very useful.

Also, read the things on autoblogging for WP if you already know it. That method works, you just have to tweak it some if you really want to bring in $.
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