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    I've got a e commerce site nearly finished. Done loads of reading on here but a few silly questions.

    For making web 2.0s I just need proxies, e.g: Get 1 proxy and put wordpress,tumblr etc on it then get another proxy and use a second wordpress,tumblr etc? Then just delete my cookies at the same time as changing proxy?

    For making a pbn I just need separate hosting for each site and then a proxy to log on to each aswell?

    I got about 10 new domain names all keywords for the products i sell that aren't hosted yet but they're all registered in my real name, can I still put these on separate hosts and use them?

    Planning on using 2 seo services bigbuddy's and tommys and have a virtual assistant working for me who I'm planning to use to make some web 2.0s. What tools are recommended I get?
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    1. You don't really need proxies when creating Web 2.0 properties.

    2. It is advisable to have different IPs for the PBNs but that's part of a longer checklist of elements that need to be different. They all can't be connecting to the same money sites either, that's an easy way for the PBN to get detected.

    3. Separate domains on separate hosts shouldn't be a problem, unless some of those domains get penalized by Google, who may then look at all domains connected to your name.

    4. If you're already outsourcing or delegating SEO to service providers and to a VA, why worry about automated tools as well? The best value you can get from hiring others is to have them build your backlinks and web 2.0 properties manually.
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