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Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by jdgolfster, Dec 1, 2008.

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    Nov 30, 2008
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    My head is spinning learning everything associated with Affiliate programs and how to make money.

    Being the noob I am, I decided to start with Clickbank (seems to be an easy way to start) however a few concepts are not clear to me.

    I understand to: pick a product, write articles, submit to various web site, and repeat, write article and submit to various web sites. Thus, create backlinks, etc.

    Here is the part not clear. I understand it's better to point the url in the article to my.domain(my web site) as opposed to sending potential buyers directly to Clickbank via the hop link. Is this correct?

    Let's say I create a page at my.domain to enable it to be recognized by G00gle.
    Is it recommended?
    - I simply post my articles with the hoplink.
    - Recreate the selling pages at my.domain and have the hoplink in a buy button.
    - Or simply use my.domain to use a redirect to the clickbank hoplink.

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    Nov 5, 2008
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    your best bet is to make your own website to promote your affiliate product..that way you are in complete control in case your affiliate shuts you down or whatever you can just change the offers on your page to a new affiliate..this page is called a squeeze could also consider putting a opt in form on your page to collect emails as well...good luck man
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    how about putting up an iframe with your affiliate link inside :D You can change the product equally fast, and the buyers will only read the sales page directly (and the sales page, more often than not, is more optimized than your landing page)
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    Even better is to make your own product and get others to promote it.
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    Nov 1, 2008
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    Maybe put the iframe on top of your page or on the home page and then put keyword optimized articles on other pages pointing back to your homepage
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    I'll give you a simple method using CB that I've made some money with in the past. Pick 3 paid survey sites and make a one page review site, using your own domain, comparing the programs. Make sure your domain has something relevant to paid surveys in it.

    Next find some offline classified newspapers and place a small ad in either the employment section or biz op section. Direct readers to your domain. Obviously it's VERY important to keep the price of your ads as low as possible. Paying to much for an ad can make or brake you with this method. There are several ways to do this. Do some research.

    I haven't used this method in some time but with the economy tanking and a lot of people out of work, promoting any "Make Money" program might be very profitable.

    A great e-book on this subject is "The Rich Ad Freak". I think it's available on this forum.