Noob question: What is best web page software?

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Dec 6, 2008
Hey there,

I am just starting to get into affiliate marketing and have been direct linking with limited success. I would like to start trying to build my own simple landing pages. Can anyone recommend a good web development software for a beginner such as myself? Frontpage? nvu? Joomba?

Blue*voda. Google it, download, try it out. You can only publish to V0dah0st with BV but if you check my posts you will discover an easy method to use BV with any host.
Joomla or Drupal in my opinion. I have used both and Joomla is superior. THere are also forums with nulled templates you can use....
It's hard to beat Dreamweaver. I know that these new CMS platforms like joomla are gaining some ground, but the leader is still Dreamweaver IMHO.
Not open for further replies.
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