NOOB - Need help for report and business plan

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    Dec 3, 2008
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    Thanks for reading my question and any time you may spend advising!

    I am about to start a college student service website funded solely through advertising and have some generic questions regarding CPM, click thrus and unique impressions.

    Question 1 : Suppose my typical user goes to the site once a month and views 10 different pages on the same site. Each page has 3 skyscraper ads on the side from (adbrite, burstmedia, etc?). Is that 30 impressions? How do they count that? Unique Impressions? Can someone explain

    Question 2 : What is a typical CPM for a college student website (suppose after 2 years I have 400k users)

    I have a business plan due soon and any help would be greatly appreciated.