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Noob in SEO system and need some advise ..

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by smallwebkings, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. smallwebkings

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    Feb 25, 2013
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    hello dear BHW Flews,
    I'm totally noob in whole SEO system and trying to learn from here but before I start I wanna clear some things and also need advise from BHW members ...
    I promote Dating CPA campaigns via social media (spamming) but I wanna take turn from there so I try to read SEO system for CPA campaigns.
    recently i buy three different domains for three different niches : Health, Dating, Freebies offer (all for CPA campaigns). And i'm ready to do experiment with these sites and ya I make these sites in WP.

    I have few questions..

    • Is link building or back link is same ? because I'm confuse :(
    and I don't think both are same becaue link building is for your site mean to say links which you put in your site and on the other hand backlink is a type of external traffic source from other sites ..
    Am I right ?
    if yes so how i build link mean to say what is link building and how is it work ..

    • Which is the best method for gaining traffic for noob ? (except social media spam because i already know)

    • How do I put keywords in WP ? because I install a plugin which is SEO by yoast where I put meta description about the page , focus keywords of the page , SEO title .
    • How my keywords or meta description gain traffic ?

    Recently I buy scrapebox for start and currently I collect proxies in notepad from various proxy provider sites ...

    Advise :)