Noob Guide to NSEO world

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    Today me and my bud recover to front page site after is got NSEO drop rankings for about 1-2 months if I knew early about my bud problem I would help him long time ago but I just find out about that last week and this week if on front page with that said nothing is impossible! as long as its not manual penalty ^^ but even then I saw success story's of people getting back rankings... anyway here's my super quick short and straight to the point same time nooby friendly Guide

    1) "Disavow Tool" your best friend, even tho a lot people said is Matt Cutts busting sites tool, well it might but if your niche not about something they feed of then you got nothing to worry about and this tool will work just fine for you!

    2) "Ahrefs Backlink Checker" there's many tool to check your backlinks free/paid your options biggest then you think, but I prefer stick to this tool with paid subscription with 50% coupon ^^ google it

    3) now that we got 2 tools lets go to Ahrefs and check our backlinks, filter them for anchor text and pick out only keywords thats not related to you such us "payday loans" "sex" etc.. everything thats got nothing to do with your site basically, now export full list of all this bad links

    4) pre-pear your list in .txt format:

    #Negative seo

    and so on make sure you got everything cover... after list ready go to Disavow tool and submit in

    5) do not abuse Disavow tool, I suggest you do not use it more then 1x a week

    6) during a week or 2 you will notice your ranking start dancing if you even ranking still, which means google started recalculation of your backlinks

    7) now try to match or even better double of targeted backlinks or get whatever you can from highly quilted domains get targeted backlink an so on for your targeted anchor text

    8) if you did everything right your side should be back with 2x stronger then 1st time for your keywords in about 1-2 weeks the longest i saw about 2 weeks the fastest in 5 days

    after all this steps completed what we did we killed bad anchor text from those bad links, but what we gained is the power of DA/PA/TF/CF/PR and other juicy seo metrics that's been passing to us and that's why you will be back 2x stronger!!! to that promising 1st page of google just don't forget to build new backlinks is important! even more important for fastest results to get all this steps cover in 1 day

    P.S. i try to be short and straight to the point to safe your and my time, all the major info. that's I find important i try to cover it, if I missed something yall more then welcome to post below