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[Noob friendly Tumblr Journey] 267 pageviews and 97 clicks in 9 days for free

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by blackpanther111991, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. blackpanther111991

    blackpanther111991 Registered Member

    Dec 2, 2015
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    I am trying the adult niche again. I tried before using the porn uploading method but that didn't work well. This time I'm doing the Tumblr route. Recently a generous forum member released a program called Tumblrtea and it has allowed me to perform this method very quickly.

    Step 1: I decided to use a general porn tumblr with a female avatar. I reblogged and added some original content.

    Step 2: I installed archive poster and signed up for queue plus. I filled my tumblr with reblogs from the best sources

    Step 3: To vary things up. I began doing automated reblogs using the tumblr queue and submitted original content using queue plus.

    Step 4: Once I felt I had enough content, I began using Tumblrtea to follow mostly rebloggers. My average is around a 10% follow back.

    Step 5: I built a free blogspot site focused on a popular webcam girl. I don't steal her videos, instead I just review her manyvids and have her cam channel embedded. Under the embed is an affiliate link.

    Step 6: I decided to test my following and traffic by adding the url to my site under every reblog with a call to action, such as, click here to see more amazing porn at x.

    Results: I get several hundred notes everyday and my site has gotten 267 pageviews in 9 days. Even more impressive is that my affiliate link received 97 clicks. Out of those 97 clicks I made 1 conversion. It's a start. The only problem is that I wake up everyday afraid that Tumblr will delete my blog. I decided to stop placing a link on my reblogs until my following has grown. My blog only has 350 followers so there is a lot of room for improvement. I will keep updating results weekly.

    I choose the adult niche but this could easily work for others. An amazon niche site using this might even be better.