It has been like this for at least 2 hours since I first encountered it:

It is saying 5 minutes.... not sure if you have a bigger internal error or what is happening, but there goes a workday of not being able to use the numbers for verifying accs.

We had a longer than expected outage. Service has been restored a few days ago after 4 hours of down time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Promo code thanks

Please check your inbox for a promo code, redeemable to
Do you get to keep your number for a certain period of time, or is it a one time code only to verify? What if we need the same number to reverify something
Do you get to keep your number for a certain period of time, or is it a one time code only to verify? What if we need the same number to reverify something
Our short term numbers are meant for one time use only. If you need to use a number multiple times over a longer period of time, you can check out our rentals feature here:

I loved your service.

Can i have a good bonus?
I can add more deposit too.
Please reach out to our support team via our website's messenger.
Is there a way to add a new service to my current rental? Pls check pm.

Please reach out to us via so we can better assist you. We can't verify who you are if you don't use our messenger.

Just made an 5$ order and waiting pay pal proccesment.Let see how will pass this.

Please let us know if you have any issues!

Promo code please

Please check your PM shortly for a promo code, redeemable to after making an account.


Hello everyone!

We are, a non-VoIP US phone verification service--all of our numbers come directly from major US carriers. We provide temporary numbers as well as rental numbers for long-term use. Our SMS/Text and Voice/Call verifications work for all major apps, survey sites, rewards programs, and websites:

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Craigslist, Facebook, WhatsApp, SwagBucks, Tinder, eBay, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Airbnb, Azure, Amazon, name it!

Anything not listed on our site can be verified using the "service not listed" option.

  • Non-VoIP US numbers
  • SMS/Text & Voice/Call verifications
  • Rental & Long-term numbers
  • Support for all major apps & sites
  • REST API integration
Before purchasing, please take a few moments to review our and our, which demo and cover the basics of our service.


We operate on a credit system--our credits are used for completing verifications and buying rentals:

Our base pricing starts at $2 for 20 credits with discounts applied to larger purchases. We typically charge between 7.5 to 20 credits for each SMS/Text verification. Voice/call verifications are done directly on our portal and are slightly more expensive.

There are times when so many people are requesting verifications that there aren’t enough numbers to help verify them all. In these cases of very high demand, verification costs may increase to help ensure those who need a verification can get one. This system is called surge pricing, and it lets us continue to be a reliable choice.

Whenever costs rise due to surge pricing, we let users know clearly on the verification page.

To help you determine your exact cost per verification with discounts (excludes surge pricing), you can use our calculator:

While we reserve the right to adjust our bundle pricing, it has not changed since our launch in mid-2018.

Additional Information & FAQ

For more information, check out our and take a look at our extended

Still have more questions? with your BHW username.


We strongly recommend using the on our website for the fastest response; however, you may reach out to us via [email protected] as well. Please include your BHW username when reaching out to us so that we can give you the priority attention you deserve.

Refund Policy:

We guarantee you will receive your verification code or your money back. Unlike many other services, we do not deduct your credits until you complete your verification.

If a number does not work with a service for any reason, our system will try to provide you with a different number. Have the peace of mind of knowing you will not have to contact support over a $1 refund because a number didn't work for you.

If you have any issues, just reach out to us via our with your BHW username and we'll work with you to make it right. While our platform is available around the clock, sadly our support team is not; however, we will endeavor to respond to you within 48 business hours.

Vouch/Review Copies:

We are handing out vouch/review copies for our service to folks with a BHW account registered on or before April 30, 2019 at our discretion. Reply to this sales thread to request one.

Referral/Reseller Programs

Interested in a reseller/referral program? Our incentive programs are currently under development and will be announced on our site when ready. We expect our incentive programs to enter beta testing later this year.​​
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Works perfectly, great site. Not much else to say really!
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