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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by SirLouen, Aug 17, 2015.

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    I've been wondering why a lot of companies are using non derivative content blogging. I mean: content that doesn't have anything to do with their real business.

    For example, a relevant MVNO spanish have their own mobile talk blog in a classic blog. "randommvnodomain dot whatever" (mostly done this way)
    To some extent they are a mobile operator and the topic has something to do, but not 100%, especially considering:
    1. Is not their business, and nor their passion, one key ingredient on blogging apart from other techniques
    2. They might be trying to rank something for seo purposes, but mostly non related keywords to their main Acquisition target.

    Content marketing is always there, and a lot of companies not content based struggle to find a "niche" somehow, in something that they are not really buying into. Is true that they build a community around the blog, + social media, etc.. but I see that they started right away from the beginning, directly when they were just an "start-up".

    My theoretical questioning is:
    a) Is content marketing just a fashion, for a lot of random companies not really aligned to their main target?
    b) There are extra parameters I'm not taking in account when observing to this "blog based strategy" that could be taken in advantage for real success?
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    To answer your theoretical questions:

    a) yes, big companies have marketing budget and "must have a blog" is often on the checklist :)

    b) think about this aspect - if I said I enjoy computer games, per say, Fallout especially and you do too - how likely, when we get to talk, you would buy service from me than from someone else, considering all other things are equal. There are probably more, companies often tend to send out messages or create public images with their marketing campaigns like "we love kitties and hate doogies" or "we love solar energy as opposed to burning coal".
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