Nofollowing with Kloakit


Sep 18, 2008
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(er, I posted this in the wrong section last night, I didn't realize there was a whole category for cloaking right in the menu, sorry about that. Don't I feel stupid.)

I've been looking at Kloakit recently and I'm wondering if I could use it (or something like it) to just show another version of pages on a site where outbound links are nofollowed.

Is that generally what something like Kloakit would be used for?

How likely would it be to get caught and penalized by Google for this?
Kloak it resides in the cgi bin.

Google DOES index anything within that area, as well.

I did not have as much luck with Kloak It sites as I did with SEC sites......

All of the Kloak It sites were de-indexed.

Most of the SEC sites stayed in the SERP's.
Interesting. Have you tried anything like nofollow with SEC?
Kloak it resides in the cgi bin.

Not on any of the hundreds of Kloakit installs I've done! :) On some servers you will have to add a handler in the .htaccess to get it to run in the main folder, but then it works fine. All except Bluehost, which I couldn't get to work no matter what. If u need help, Dan is the MAN when it comes to helping to get his script running, and he's on here somewhere. :D

If memory serves correctly, didn't SEC require an install to the .cgi bin? I wasted a ton of hours a few years ago trying to get that trainwreck of a script sorted and it seems that was one of the more peculiar things about SEC that stood out.
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