No refer page and no keywords in GA

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by maxmito, Oct 6, 2016.

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    I bought (on another website) from a guy 1000 guaranteed daily visit to my adult website, traffic coming from EU and US.
    Traffic is coming, big bounce rate (and this is expected) but what I was surprised to see is that for all visits I don't see in Google Analytics the refer page, but only the domain: looks like all my visit are coming from yahoo, google and youtube home page... how is possible? This guy is cheating, I know, but how this can be done in practice?

    I'm using also other stats tool, and one of them is showing me reasonable amount of traffic from Sri Lanka, another prove that he's cheating.

    Similar problem with organic search, suddenly a lot of visits from yahoo and google organic, but no refer page and no keyword ("not provided") in GA, I read a lot online a lot of theory and methods that should help to identify keywords, but no success so far.

    It's not about money (I really spent few bucks) but the way this guy is trying to cheat :)

    Anyway if someone has some tip on where to buy adult traffic for a cheap reasonable price, will be really appreciated.