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No More Mr Nice Guy, Black Hat all the way! What to do?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by flannn, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. flannn

    flannn Newbie

    Jul 20, 2008
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    So, i made my money the last few years (6 or so) with my retail webshops. The first days and months all is new and when you see more money coming in as you spend on ads.... all is just great! So, i got to much money and i will buy a new domain and throw a new shop online. Retail webshops will not make you money with just building them, you need to sell real stuff ;) So making a couple sales and build a new webshop (i know more is better, i know this when i was building blog networks... networks, networks.... just thousands of blogs. more blogs = more hits, more hits - more money)

    problem 1.) I have wasted a lot of money to advertise against illegal webshops who never deliver butt that is what users/buyers will see after those companies are already gone with the money. Next those people are afraid to buy again online. So i have to tell those people all the stuff i can and spend to much time with those stupid questions and have to pay more and more for my adds to make a sale.

    problem 2.) wholesalers where i buy my stuff to resell will almost all have their own RETAIL webshops, they use prices on those sites LOWER as i have to pay as a COMPANY.... i see this happening MORE and MORE.

    problem 3.) Dropshippers who are telling they are dropshippers but they are using dropship to buy their own goods. So when i have a order of 2 products and i can order them from 1 dropshipper i have to pay 2 times transport costs because that dropship company needs to order those 2 products from 2 other dropshippers. WHAT THE H3LL! I hate this!

    prolem 4.) Companies are telling to much cr4p and most of them are just big LIARS. Examples? I got plenty!

    I started small (with a reseller webhosting account on shared-hosting). I know i know, i cannot expect the best and fastest stuff when i pay not that much. But unlimited bandwidth and disk space = unlimited bandwidth and disk space, right? NO, i was wrong again! I have build a major kick ass webshop. Just awasome! BUt here i go! Mail from webhoster: Server heavy overload, please check it. What the fuck, i have noticed when i did stuff on my website i saw the website getting slower. H3ll when i was done all was fine. Hours and days spending on mails with the company where i host my websites. And the conclusion. They only want SMALL customers and not webshop owners with 200 000+ products.
    I headed over to VPS..... maybe the most stupid thing i ever did. After 2 months of learning, tweaking, building, repairing and more i got the speeds up and the website is running. Now after 2 weeks the shit is hitting the fan again. Website pages loading VERY slow, sometimes 2min+. Server is at 100% CPU most of the time. That aint good ;-)

    After i switched to VPS i'm spending 10x more on my hosting per month and webshop is useless, so i make almost nothing. Support? Yeah! $100,- per hour and they will help me. LOL
    So i send my last mail to the VPS company telling them to fix my server/website else they can stick it in somewhere where the sun never shines. No more money for them and i will stop with my customer friendly webshops. Time for black hat all the way! I was always told: when you do good, you will receive good stuff back. Maybe years ago, now it is just the "wild west" in the webshop world. Take the money you can and run as fast as you can! Well, if that is how i need to play the game... here i go ;-) Or i will make good money or i will be in jail this year. LOL (i'm laughing now, but i can really cry :()

    I'm 100% sure on BHW are more people who understand what i'm telling and why i start to hate the complete internet and everyone on it.
    Now i'm wondering... on BHW is a VIP section. Don't get me wrong, but i have seen questions, posts and insane stupid answers from junior VIPS on this forum. So is it really good to join the VIP section to get the latest info about blackhat stuff or is VIP for people with money and don't know what to do with it? I know BH stuff but need to know the final things what you never see in ebooks from the so called IM GURUS. So in other words: Is the VIP section a dead-trap where you have to spend more and more money to get the money start rolling again and at the end i know the same as i already did? Like those money making methods that are proven to be working. 1.) proof of 1 week using the method and making $5,- is no proof at all. Most of the time it is against TOS or other stuff, so will i find this kind of methods in the VIP section? I just don't get it why people will tell money making methods (black hat) to me. Or those methods are useless or just to insane to start with (500 VPS to start is just insane, 100 private proxies to start is also insane, spending MUCH money before you ever have seen the first $ is also insane). When a method is running money and insane numbers are no problem, but spending money in the hope to make money is just gambling.

    So, this is out my system ;-)
  2. walandio

    walandio Supreme Member

    Jun 27, 2008
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    I guess you misunderstood about Jr.Vip..
    being a Jr.Vip is all about giving back something to the forum in a form of donation..

    if you think bhw did help you in any way then Jr.Vip is a way to go.. But don't purchase Jr.Vip status if all you want is the hidden section of this forum. The best method is all about taking action. There are people who are successful just by learning a single method and there are some who read almost all the methods in the forum, wso and even the best secrets but failed. The difference is all about how you do it and how you make it work.
  3. VinceC

    VinceC Elite Member

    Jun 8, 2008
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    You can be a Mr Nice Guy even doing blackhat stuffs, but can be an a*&hole too even in whitehat.
  4. sogeking

    sogeking Power Member

    Jul 15, 2011
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    nice guys always finish last ;)
  5. ArtVandelay

    ArtVandelay Power Member

    Jan 15, 2013
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    OP's new theme song:

    But VinceC is right. 'Blackhatting' isn't mean... it's just a different approach :)
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  6. KardoseR

    KardoseR Regular Member

    Jul 4, 2012
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    i guess you are talking about Jr.Exec VIP and Executive VIP groups, you can't just think, Oh i want to enter these groups!