No More DP Products!

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    I'm proposing a rule that no more DP products shall be shared in the member's section. It hurts my head to think that place is even allowed to still exist. While it may be a great place of income to sell PLR packs or thrown together e-books or crap, the people at BHW don't need to read that stuff.

    I think some people are just purchasing really cheap DP products and uploading them on the member's section here just so they can get their Thanks count up. Then again, it's not hard to get a DP product for free, just use the following special promotional code:

    "Kan Eye Haz Revuw Kopie?!?!?!"

    New Rule:

    No more sharing DP products or even discussing DP on BHW.. every time I hear those two words DP put together, I lose 5 IQ!

    To write this post, I have lost 30 IQ just writing this post :(.