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    Company Overview

    My partners and I have a next generation advertising company focused on innovative ad display technology, and on generating supplemental
    revenue streams for developers and webmasters.

    Platform Overview:

    Our monetization platform serves as a solution for developers and webmasters to make money from their content, services, browser extensions,
    software, games, apps, etc. to enhance revenue or to provide services free of charge in exchange for ad space across the web.
    Our system can
    often be seamlessly integrated into existing revenue paths to exponentially increase your revenue without any additional work.

    Clients include:

    Developers of:

    a. Software
    b. Games
    c. Apps
    d. Browser extensions
    e. Browser Plugins

    Webmasters who:

    a. Have premium content
    b. Offer continuing services or products
    c. Offer downloads on their site
    d. Have any traffic that may conceivable download something
    *Our devs can work with you on a site app : )

    Ad Targeting and Delivery Capabilities:

    *A demo WILL be provided for qualified candidates

    **Ads will be shown across ALL Major Search Engines and Niche Sites!

    ***100% Legal FTC/FCC Compliant and practices reviewed by two (2) law firms. We DO NOT use PPI or any shady methods.

    1. Search engine ads (Injection)
    - All major search engines
    - Targeted by: keyword search queries

    2. Image Banner Ads Injection or Overlay/Replacement (all IAB supported sizes)
    - Targeted by: URL or Keyword (meta data)

    3. Lightboxes
    - Targeted by: URL or Keyword (meta data)
    - Great for email/zip CPA offeres

    Revenue Potential

    Documented research on public revenue records for all adware companies reveals that for every Tier 1 GEO install the average
    revenue per install per month is 0.50c for POP UPS/UNDERS ONLY.

    Our system quadruples the amount of advertising delivery mechanisms to include search engine ads, banner replacements, in text links,
    light boxes, etc all while minimizing user interference thus resulting in an exponentially higher ROI and retention rate.

    Our projections are $1.50/mo per USA install perpetual and when CPA offers are calculated in this number can be exceptionally higher.

    ComScore Data:

    Average internet user 18+ (excluding mobile devices):

    Visits 3000+ Pageviews per month
    Conducts 130+ Search queries per month

    3000/CPM of 0.50c = $1.50/mo
    130 x 2% avg CTR x 0.15c PPC = 0.39c/mo
    CPA offers = ? (highly dependent on offer and targeting)
    In text Links = 0.10-$1.00+ per user per month

    10,000 users = $15,000+ in revenue potential PER MONTH!

    Legal and Compliance Assurance

    We go above and beyond to ensure full compliance and industry standards in security and user safety. Take a look at the following aspects
    of our compliance methodologies and practices.

    I. Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)

    We use IAB standards as guidelines for advertising strategy and implementation.

    The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is comprised of more than 500 leading media and technology companies that are responsible for
    selling 86% of online advertising in the United States. Working with its member companies, the IAB evaluates and recommends standards and
    practices and fields critical research on interactive advertising. Founded in 1996, the IAB is headquartered in New York City with a Public Policy
    office in Washington, D.C. For more information, please visit


    Our company respects both the rights and privacy of users on our system. We fully comply with all CAN-SPAM regulations and guidelines.
    The CAN-SPAM Act, a law that sets the rules for commercial email, establishes requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right
    to have you stop emailing them, and spells out tough penalties for violations.

    Despite its name, the CAN-SPAM Act doesn?t apply just to bulk email. It covers all commercial messages, which the law defines as ?any
    electronic mail message the primary purpose of which is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service,?
    including email that promotes content on commercial websites.

    III. Spyware, Malware, Virus Free

    We guarantee that no malicious use, viruses, malware or spyware will ever be included in or bundled with any of our products. We use industry
    leading systems and in depth vetting of any and all advertisers and publishers on our systems to ensure no malicious content is ever delivered to users.

    In addition to industry standard virus, spyware and malware scanning, we use Clarity Ads to scan all advertisements before approval and delivery.
    Please view full feature list of our ad qualification steps at:

    IV: TRUSTe Adherence:

    We use TRUSTe as a benchmark for privacy protection of users information as well as in maintaining a clean, safe and user friendly install and
    uninstall path.
    TRUSTe is the leading online privacy solutions provider with a broad suite of privacy services to help businesses build trust and increase
    engagement across all of their online channels - including websites, mobile applications, advertising, cloud services, business analytics and email marketing.

    Over 5,000 web properties including those from top companies like Apple, AT&T, Disney, eBay, HP, Microsoft, Nationwide and Yelp rely on TRUSTe
    to ensure compliance with evolving and complex privacy requirements.

    TRUSTe's mission, based on a "Truth in Privacy" framework, is built on a solid foundation of transparency, choice and accountability regarding
    the collection and use of personal information. TRUSTe's privacy seal is recognized and trusted by millions of consumers as a sign of
    responsible privacy protection practices.


    1. Your own admin panel for campaign management and tracking stats

    We host the system, provide all required support and maintenance

    3. FREE for qualified candidates (interview required)

    4. You get 100% ad space and we simply backfil
    l unused ad space.
    *If we have a conflicting campaign we split the traffic for it 50/50

    5. Display ads across the web on any niche site or search engine discretely, LEGALLY, and user friendly!

    Use of the system is FREE to qualified and interviewed candidates who have a site we feel would work best with our system and who also has
    significant Tier 1 and Tier 2 GEO traffic.
    We are a monetization platform only. We do NOT buy installs, you own your own user base. We
    simply backfill any ?unused? ad space that you don?t take advantage of. That?s how we generate money to ?keep the lights on.?

    You also get your own Admin panel/backend (we host) that you will use to monitor traffic stats, ad display stats, GEOs, set up your ad campaigns
    and targeting, etc.

    If you think you would be a good candidate hit me up. We are ideally looking for larger players that can push at least 10k new users a month in Tier 1 and Tier 2 GEOs.

    Skype: MarketologyTeam

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    Thanks BigBuddy!

    Anyone with questions please feel free to reach out. Our system can be combined with most any site, service or offering and we'll work with you on a custom solution if you meet our quality requirements.

    Best regards,
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    Just a quick bump and also clarification:

    Our system need not be combined with a "download" and can work on most any site/service/app in a way that is unique and non-intrusive to your user base. The goal is minimal interference with their browsing experience and maximum advertising potential.

    We are giving you the keys to the kingdom here with your own admin panel to manage marketing campaigns and targeting.

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    Hey guys. We just finished a major update to the system and we're ready for a few more partners. Here are some screenshots from the updated panel.


    If interested, Please contact for more information