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Payment Methods

PayPal, Crypto, Skrill, PerfectMoney


Instagram Accounts

Instagram PVA Handmade $0.9
Instagram PVA USA Aged $6
Instagram PVA [5k Followers] $7
Instagram PVA [10k Followers] $13
Instagram PVA [20k Followers] $25

YouTube Accounts

YouTube PVA Accounts $0.8
YouTube Aged Accounts (2006-2009) $7
YouTube Aged Accounts (2006-2007) [PREMIUM] $8.5
YouTube Aged Accounts (2008-2009) [PREMIUM] $8
YouTube Aged Accounts (2010-2015) $6
YouTube Aged Accounts (2016-2022) $5.5
YouTube Aged Accounts (2005) $30

Reddit Accounts

Reddit Aged Accounts (Email Verified) $3.5
Reddit Fresh Accounts (Email Verified) $0.8
Reddit Fresh Accounts (No Email) $0.2
Reddit Boosted Accounts (Email Verified) [500+ Karma] $8

Twitter Accounts

Twitter FULL Verified (2010-2021) $1
Twitter FULL Verified (2010-2021) [100+ Followers] $1.1
Twitter Mail Verified (2010-2021) $0.8
Twitter Mail Verified (2010-2021) $0.7

Discord Accounts

Discord Aged Tokens (Verified) $0.9
Discord Fresh Tokens $0.25
Discord Cracked Tokens $1

GMail Accounts

Gmail PVA $1
Gmail Aged Accounts $2

TikTok Accounts

TikTok Aged Accounts (PREMIUM) $10
TikTok Fresh Accounts (Mail Verified) $0.35


Via Ticket system
Email: [email protected]
i bought 10 Twitter accounts 4 days ago and they haven't been delivered. I messaged you on the Telegram contact you provided and you never opened or responded to the message...
My order ID is af0a1f73-3c06-4cfd-8897-15b97d20d4e2
has this been resolved?
Hi there, I have 2 orders that were never received, but I will only post the first one because its been over 20 days and it is a larger amount of money. The second order I placed 12 hours ago so I will wait 24 hours and make another post if I dont get a response. I also messaged you through sales tickets and Telegram. Here are the order ID and the proof of all screenshots.

1. Order ID **********-4481-9018-0ac1e65a9064, USD 36 total, here are screenshots of my order and I have also attached the file that was given to me with no accounts.

I have attached all the images and proof that I paid and got nothing.


  • Proof 1.png
    Proof 1.png
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  • Proof 2.png
    Proof 2.png
    10.7 KB · Views: 41
  • proof 3.png
    proof 3.png
    10.1 KB · Views: 41
  • proof 4.png
    proof 4.png
    11.2 KB · Views: 40
  • proof 6.png
    proof 6.png
    41.3 KB · Views: 44
  • deliveredGoods (2).txt
    9.3 KB · Views: 32
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