Nifty Stats : Earn $5 per download!

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    Will you be happy with Nifty Stats which Earns $5 per download! ?

    Nifty Stats is used to access any affiliate program stats and PPC Campaign stats all at one place through desktop software! This helps affiliate marketers to save time.

    Affiliate Program:
    The best part is their affiliate program! They are currently paying $5 for every free user you refer! You can even earn $20 every referral, if they upgrade to Nifty Stats pro.

    Payment minimum request is set at $100!

    Steps to do:

    Step 1: Join - ( while filling the sign up form, type anything at ICQ)
    Step 2: You will receive an activation e-mail. Open the e-mail and click the activation link inside it!
    Step 3: After activating your account, you will again receive an e-mail automatically which contains your username and password!
    Step 4: Then click members' area, provide your username and password in order to login.
    Step 5: Once you login, then click the link: Nifty.exe. It will start to download!
    Step 6: After finished downloading, double click the downloaded file! Then install the software according to the instructions!
    Step 7: Then click the Nifty Stats icon in your desktop and login with your username and password!
    Step 8: After logging in, click affiliate program--> add program from above menu!
    Step 9: You must add 2 affiliate programs and must have the software in your computer for more than 30 days.
    Step 10: Then click Affiliate Program in your Web browser's area. There you will find your referral to promote!

    That's all! Do these 10 steps and then make $5 every free user you refer using your referral link!

    For more details with Screen-shot visit here