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    so i come from a very small country, 450k population.

    The current top ranking websites, are news portals and one for listings (been here since the ice age lol), other websites like job searching, discounted prices / offers per day , and ticket selling are rising, but none of them are in the top 100 in my country however they still are getting a nice 10K eur per month

    I am thinking about a comparison website, but it's really hard to start that in a small country, considering we have few "normal" banks (ie. there's a lot of banks, but most of them are for millionaires etc), very few insurances (like 5), with over 100 brokers haha, and we have to pay the government for electrical and water bills..meaning nothing to compare either.

    creating a news portal won't do it, as I don't have radio stations, tv channels and high budgets to hire journalists and writers, meaning i would get squashed.

    the other option is creating millennial content like buzzfeed and ladbible etc (but there is already one website in top 15 doing just that)

    can anyone help me think about what type of local website should be made in order to compete for rankings against the above mentioned please :)