Niche SERP Cheat

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    Oct 12, 2007
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    I have small tips to be 1st position in Google Ranking (SERP)

    1. Chose one keyword
    2. Register at
    3. Register at
    4. Make video with camtasia
    5. Add Collout or watermark ( Put Your URL in Video )
    6. Submit Your Video in You tube
    7. Put Only 2 or 3 keyword phrase in you tube title and description
    8. Copy Your youttube
    9. SUbmit your youtube vidoe at

    wait for 12 hours, then check at ( with your keyword )
    Your or youtube url will show in page 1

    People will read your posting or people will see your video
    and will go to your URL to read more information

    GOd LucK !