Niche Selection and Market Research - The Spider's Web System

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    These are both very key elements that everyone has to under-go before they should start spending their time in trying to make money online.

    There are millions of niches which can be represented much like a spiders web...


    Your probably wondering what on earth.... how can niche selection and market research and even product selection be related to a spiders web....

    Well if you take the spider to be you who is the one building this web to 'catch' the money and then anything that lands and gets stuck on the web to be the visitor and your money.

    If the insect sticks then you get money however if they manage to get away then you don't and they later land on someone else's web.

    Then the web its self is a bit more complicated.... you see how in some places it all links perfectly and in others there are gaps well that's just like the 'web' your going to or have built online.

    Where there are gaps is where you are loosing money as the insect just flys straight through however if its complete then you catch alot more money.

    I do hope your still following me with this....

    Now then each part of the web can be split like a cake into sections... and each section being a different product.

    Each individual link between each strand of web can be a keyphrase and those keyphrases link products together under the same category or main niche.

    Your main niche is the center of the web to which everything branches off from and as you do more market research you find more products which then in turn means you find more micro niches that will appeal to your visitors and then your web gets bigger and bigger and bigger until its catching all the visitors possible and that's when your have acheived market domination and are rolling in money.

    However all the time you the spider are going back and mending the broken threads and continuing on to make your web bigger and better and catch more and more money.

    So what are your views and ideas on this new way of looking at what each and everyone one of us is working on right now?
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