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    I didn't really know what section to put this in as it's kind of just a general question.

    I'm starting to figure out that the way to make money online is centered around niches and SEO. I've read a few ebooks on building niche related websites. My favorite so far is "Stonerbucks". The guy basically outlines building a wordpress blog centered around a niche then making post around sub niches. Then building web 2.0 blogs, commenting in forums, getting backlinks etc. He then goes on to explain in "socialbucks" how to create social backlinks in facebook, twitter etc.

    My question is how would you do this for CPA offers? I'll take for example this one CPA offer for eyeshadow. How do you build a niche site around eye shadow when theirs only 1 CPA offer for it? There's only so much you could say about it. In the ebook he recommends using the amazon affiliate program then selling products that way. He uses hemp, then makes articles about hemp bracelets, hemp shoes, hemp rope stuff like that. Those articles obviously link to some product on amazon.

    I'm hesitant to promote a products that people have to actually pull out their credit card to buy. I feel like CPA offers would be so much easier to fill out and investigate then trying to sell someone an actual product. Maybe I'm thinking too far into the psychology behind your common Joe surfing the web.

    The other thing is commission percentage. If you're only getting 4% off a $10 item aren't you just better off promoting CPA offers anyways? I guess depending on the price of the item and the conversion ratios you may come out ahead. I'm just unsure about the whole concept and wanted to get some opinions on it.

    What are your thoughts?